Historical display boards

The historical display boards that can be found along the Ore Trail in the Ore of the Alps UNESCO Global Geopark in the municipalities of Hüttau, Bischofshofen, Mühlbach am Hochkönig and St. Veit im Pongau are an important and multifaceted facility. In fact, they serve as a living link between the past, present and future, offering insights into the complex interactions between man and nature.

These display boards are far more than just static information carriers. Rather, they are living narratives that take visitors on a fascinating journey through time. With an impressive depiction of the history of the earth, the development of mining and the multifaceted history of the region, they invite you to delve into the depths of the past and explore the traces of previous generations.

However, their purpose goes far beyond simply imparting knowledge. The historical display boards contribute significantly to the preservation and appreciation of the region's cultural heritage. In particular, they keep the rich mining history and the many legends and traditions of the Pongau alive and make them accessible to a wide audience.

These display boards were created during the creation of the "Copper Ore Trail" and have since become an integral part of the region's cultural landscape. As the cornerstone of this trail, they not only impart historical knowledge, but also invite visitors to experience and learn about the history of the region with all their senses.