Information along the Path - Simple facts about Geology, Earth Heritage and the Region of Pongau on the Ore Trail

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What are Geosites?

Geosites are highlights described on display boards that can be found along the Ore Trail. There are QR-Codes on the display boards that can be scanned with a smartphone or tablet. This allows you to call up the information digitally and also obtain additional information material and images on the individual topics. The topics covered in the 100 display boards can be divided into geology and landscape, mining and history stories and legends.

The Geopark presents geological features and phenomena and makes a significant contribution to raising awareness of their importance, value and preservation for posterity. This knowledge is to be conveyed with the information on the Geosites outdoor, but also online. You can find out about the uniqueness of the landscape, the exciting history and beautiful nature in the Ore of the Alps UNESCO Global Geopark.

Here you can find 100 Geosites of the Ore of the Alps UNESO Global Geopark

First Stage

The first stage of the Ore Trail begins in Hüttau at the Larzenbach Show Mine. It then leads into the center of Hüttau past the "Ores, Gold and Minerals" Museum to the Klammalm. The trail continues along a forest path before the Ore Trail leads along a hiking trail through the forest to the Hochgründeck. The first stage ends at the Heinrich Kiener Haus.

100 Ore Trail

101 Goldwaschen am Fritz-und Larzenbach

102 Naturgefahren

103 Klammalm

104 Iglsbach

105 Holz im Bergbau

106 Hochgründeck

107 Phyllitaufschluss

108 A Miner's Life - Prehistoric times

108 A Miner's Life - 19th/20th Centuries

109 Tennengebirge - Karst and Caves

Second Stage

The second stage starts at the Heinrich Kiener Haus on the Hochgründeck and leads over the Hofersattel and the Buchberg. The trail continues to Bischofshofen to the town center. The second stage ends at the visitor center in the ski jump area of the Paul Ausserleitner ski jump.

200 Ore Trail

201 Hochgründeck - Hofer Saddle

202 Wege mit Zeitangaben

203 Hochgründeck - Panorama view

204 Hochgründeck - Mountain splitting

205 Ranggeln – Hoagmoar

206 Hofersattel

207 Josefs Bründl

208 Geologie

209 Hörndlkapelle - Rupert pilgrimage

210 Gut Hintl – Direktvermarktung

211 Erratika

210 Rostatt

212 Oberberg - Panorama View

213 Lehen - Roche moutonnée

214 Fischer Graben

215 Maximiliansgrotte

216 Goldwaschen an der Salzach

Third Stage

Stage three begins at the Visitor Center in Bischofshofen. This leads past the Gainfeld Waterfall and the Bachsfall Ruins, along the old Knappensteig to Mühlbach am Hochkönig. The third stage ends at the Arthurhaus with breathtaking views of the Hochkönig and the Mandlwand.

217 Gainfeld Waterfall

218 Gainfeldkonglomerat

219 Bischofshofen früher und heute

219 Aussichtskanzel Wasserfall

220 Segmann - Heritage of the Ice Age

220 Segmann - Salzach glacier

220 Segmann - Ice Stream Height

221 Sinterbildungen

222 Almwirtschaft

223 Waldrand Mosott

223 Devil's Holes

224 Miner's Footpath

225 Cold Spring

226 Altarstein Buchbergkirche

227 Maximiliansbrunnen

Fourth Stage

The fourth stage leads from the Arthurhaus to the village of Mühlbach am Hochkönig. Here you hike through the Barbaraschlucht, past pings and the Keltenloch. Ski jumping enthusiasts will also get their money's worth on this stage, as the success story of Bubi Bradl is thematized here. This stage of the Ore Trail continues past the Knappenheim, which has been converted into a Mining Museum, and the Johanna Stollen, the Show Mine of Mühlbach and ends in the village center of Mühlbach am Hochkönig.

300 Ore Trail

301 Raha Stein

302 Rudolfschanze

303 Murmeltierweg

304 Arthurhaus Sportgeschichte

305 Schmelzplatz

306 Keltenloch

307 Mariahilf

308 Grubenhunt

309 Hochkeilhaus

310 Hochkönig Massif - Mandlwand Walls

311 Halde am Hochkeilhaus

312 Sportahütte

313 Barbara Schlucht

314 Rupertistollen

315 Bradl

316 Ehemaliges Rupertushaus

317 Holzwirtschaft im Bergbau

318 Viererwasch

319 Alte Mitterbergerstraße

320 Speicherteich

321 Walchergut

322 Johannastollen

323 Knappenheim

324 Neubau

325 Paussenberg

326 Paussenberg 2

327 Paussbauer - Mining in Mitterberg

327 Schlegelberg - Mining in St. Veit

328 Schmelzplätze

329 Pronebenalm

330 Übergossene Alm, the "Covered Mountain Pasture"

Fith Stage

The fifth and final stage of the Ore Trail begins in the center of Mühlbach am Hochkönig and leads over the Paussenberg, past the Paussbauer and the Pronebenalm to St. Veit im Pongau. You hike from the center of St. Veit to the Sunnpau Show Mine and the Seelackenmuseum, a local history and Mining museum. The Erzweg ends there after approx. 54 km.

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